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Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee

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100% ARABICA (Espresso ground)

Perfectly balanced with a beautiful light nutty aroma. Full-bodied, dark roasted, sweet, smooth, creamy and robust.

Reminiscent of the Cuban flavors prior to the 1950's. Painstakingly perfected using four 100% intense Arabica beans.

A comfortable blend that can be enjoyed numerous times throughout the day. Being served at many locations, as a local's favorite. A perfect 10!

local's favorite. A perfect 10!



100% ARABICA (Espresso ground)

A complex, delicious and unique blend consisting of five 100% Arabica beans.

Dark roasted with a rich heavy crema.

Originally blended in the 1920's. A family secret recipe finally released to us all to savor the taste of 1920's Cuba! - This one is special!



* 100% ARABICA (espresso ground)


CUBA Sierra Escambray mountain range is in the South Central region of the island of Cuba, with its highest peak being 3,150 ft. (Pico San Juan), encompassing rivers, waterfalls and canyons. The unique soil and elevation of the area give beans the flavor of caramel, with nutty tones, low acidity, full bodied and smokiness that is transparent here by expertly blending by us using 4 unique 100% Arabica beans.

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